Frequencies, vibrations and resonance

How is our life on earth influenced by the planets and the solar system? The answer to this question is abundant in spirituality but there is some science behind it as well.

Earth receives energy in the form of light from the sun and the stars. We also receive very short wave length cosmic radiation. Most of this radiation is absorbed by our atmosphere where its energy turns carbon dioxide into the radioactive isotope Carbon 14 (or Radiocarbon) which ultimately works its into every living thing and then decays over time.

The rest of the energy from these cosmic rays goes into ionizing the air, breaking up the atoms into gases that carry electrical charges. This charged air gathers at roughly 60 miles above the earth in a layer called the ionosphere creating an invisible ceiling. It is this that enables us to send radio waves here on earth.

Part of the ionized air filters down into the lower layers of atmosphere as ozone. Ozone is remarkable as it kills bacteria hence the panic in the eighties on the depletion of the ozone layer. Thankfully mankind remedied this one.

So, why the science lesson?

Ionized air can be positively or negatively charged and there have been some studies that show remarkable things such as; air that is positively charged can have a depressing effect on humans while negative ions tend to stimulate us.

However, there is no way that we can distinguish the charge without ourselves carrying some kind of electrical field. Our bodies function on electrical stimuli moving between our brain and our nerves. This we know. We are in fact walking power stations.

A study in 1962 showed that our own energy fields are positively charged most often during a full moon so at this time we would attract more negative ions to us and thus be more stimulated. The moon produces tides in water, air and earth, which alter the magnetic field, and this in turn changes the charge on our own life fields. To highlight this change and make us more aware of the lunar rhythm as our basic timekeeper, cosmic rays produce ionized air which reacts with our own magnetic field and exaggerates our responses. We are sensitive to the moon, but this sensitivity is modified by events that originate many light years away. This is science fact, not science fiction!

Energy causes vibration

Most of this vibration is imperceptible to humans but animals are much more sensitive. Vibration can be high frequency, low frequency or anywhere in the middle. Frequency extremes can cause sickness and can be very destructive and it is low frequency long wave vibration that scientists use to predict earthquakes and the like. The Japanese, on an island lying on a fault line, have a long tradition of keeping goldfish in a bowl as an early warning system for earthquakes. Water is an excellent medium for vibrations and when the fish become erratic, people have been known to flee buildings. There is a large school of thought that animals sense low frequency vibrations well before we do and there have been many studies on the behavior of dogs just before large earthquakes.

The one thing that earth tremors, air tides and cosmic rays have in common is that they operate on very low energy and send out very subtle signals. Our ability to respond to stimuli such as the position of the unseen moon, invisible ions, the magnetic influence of a planet on the horizon can all be attributed to one phenomena – resonance, or energy that is transferred from one object to another.

To demonstrate what resonance is, imagine two tuning forks placed a short distance apart. If one of the forks is resonating at say, middle c, the other fork will begin to gently resonate in sympathy, even though the two forks are not touching.

So back to what this means to spirituality

If we understand the silent forces nature imparts, the effect of the moon and the planets, and the energy fields we all move around in we can begin to understand how our physical being can become disrupted, unbalanced and out of sync with this natural rhythm. It is therefore possible to heal ourselves, or function better when we attune to natures law. We can”t cure all disease, much of today’s ailments are due to environmental factors beyond our control, but health in mind and body can begin, and be maintained by the pure acknowledgement that there are forces at work that are unseen and unheard, but ever present.

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