Existential fears and limiting spiritual beliefs

It is said that depression is the plague of our modern times.

The constant lifeless feeling of “down” seems to accompany us as we go through the routine motions of our jobs, only to get back home and passively crash in front of the TV set or the computer.

This depression does not come from some great trauma hidden in our past. The depression is a result of existence without purpose and direction. You don’t need to blame your parents or your weather for this. Our accelerating technological lives and our culture of consumerism do not offer us too many chances of introspection and greater understanding of ourselves. And this depression covers the fear that our existence has no meaning…

But it doesn’t have to be like this!

You, yes you, the reader of these lines! You are the one stopping yourself from more fulfilling, purposeful life. You are holding onto self-defeating, limiting beliefs about yourself, about your spirit, about your existence. Life does not have to be this way. You are blinded by the old self-defining notions you got used to. You keep telling to yourself that everything is boring, that you are stuck in the rut and that you are not capable of changing your current situation. Well, dear sir – or madam – I’m sorry to inform you so bluntly, but you are wrong!

Our view of ourselves, the world and the life is determined by our most basic beliefs. For instance, if a person is fully convinced that he is a loser and he will fail the next exam, he probably will, because this is the world he created with his beliefs. Furthermore, he will filter out the instances when he was actually successful and when he did okay. By being blind to his successes and overestimating his failures, his negative beliefs will only keep reinforcing themselves.

Which is why you must assume responsibility over your thoughts. If you keep chewing in your head the ideas of failure, of boredom, of depression and fears, then you will feel the way you think and you will see the world accordingly as well. Try the opposite. Tell the self-defeating thoughts, “Sorry, folks, I’ve heard what you have to say for years! My life is too precious, too valuable for me to waste it any longer on you! I would like to experience my life on my own, without your limiting and constant nagging!” And after you told the negative thoughts to take a hike, go out and start a life with a meaning. It’s either that or keep wallowing in boredom and routine – the choice is yours, as long as the choice is consciously made.

Everything begins with a thought – which is why there is a lot of meaning to be found in Descartes’ “I think therefore I am”. We paint the reality with our thoughts, although not many realize this basic fact.

It is up to you to choose what colors you provide.

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