Do you have a twin flame?

A single soul split into two bodies?

Have you ever met somebody that you connected with on a deeply intense spiritual level? It is possible that this person is your twin flame. Conceptually a twin flame is when a single soul is split in two and each half inhabits it”s own body.  Usually there is a masculine and a feminine side, yin and yang, both in equal opposites.

Twin flames are fated to be together to rejoin as one, not necessarily in a romantic or physical relationship and not always of the opposite sex. There is a definite connection of energies between twin flames that is bounded by unconditionality.  That is unconditional love and unconditional acceptance of each other.  They are not the same person but equally opposite – complimenting each other and completing the circle.

Twin flames united are a powerful force. Twin flames can sit in silence content in each others company or engage in intense dialogue almost to the point of being exclusive to anyone else in their presence. The overwhelming premise of this special relationship is respect, admiration and love.  It is not a relationship of carer / caree, giver / taker or mother / father or one where there is always agreement.  But there is always acceptance of the other with want of change.  This is the same soul acting in two parts. Some say this is the only true love that a person will ever experience.

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