Clairsentience, Clairaudience and Clairvoyance

Not all psychics are the same! There are three basic gifts employed by psychics and not all are blessed with all three (ie: a “triple clarity” psychic).

The three clarities are described below.

Clairsentience (I sense…)

Clairsentience is a method commonly used by psychics involving all the senses such as smell, taste, touch, emotions and physical sensations. These contribute to an overall psychic and intuitive psychic perception which the psychic then uses to form a better sense of the problem or individual being read. Perceptions can be experienced internally or externally depending on the technique of the psychic.

Clairsentience is often used alongside clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Clairaudience (I hear…)

A Clairaudient psychic hears voices, music, and sounds that others cannot hear normally. The sounds may be very clear, wispy or faint and incomplete. Some have described the sense as being like a passing vehicle which starts of loud and clear and then fades away.

Psychic clairaudience can be experienced when you are dreaming or awake. Some see clairaudience as an affliction. You’ve heard about ‘voices in my head’ talking to me or telling me to do something and this is sometimes clinically described as schizophrenia or mania (although these too are very real conditions).

Some Clairaudient’s can actually imitate or speak the voice (in what appears to be a state of possession) and some onlookers can recognise the voice of someone coming from the psychic as that of someone else. The Clairaudient is merely acting as a medium to speak the messages.

Clairvoyance (I see…)

Clairvoyance can be experienced in many ways including the appearance of images within the mind of the psychic. The images may be symbolic (eg: Roses symbolising love) or photographic (eg: places, people). Either way the psychic learns how to interpret the visual pictures received in a methodical and meaningful way such that the messages can be understood.

Clairvoyance is possibly the most popular and prolific of the three clarities.

Two lesser known and less common ‘Clair’s’

Clairalience (I smell…)

This is the ability to smell things that do not have a physical source. It is used to sense energy, or spirit presence through the sense of smell. It is most prevalent in areas that are believed to be haunted.

Clairgustance or Clairhambience (I taste…)

This is the ability to perceive messages through our sense of taste, or the ability to taste things without putting them into your mouth. It is sometimes called Clairhambience.

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