Simple meditation for summer


This is a simple meditation to de-stress a busy mind.

It can be done just about anywhere that you can sit quietly with your eyes closed for about 5 minutes or more.

Find a quiet place

This is somewhere relatively quiet and with very little movement around you.  Sitting in your car (not while driving), before you get out of bed in the morning or go to sleep at night, even sitting in the loo will do! When you are comfortably sitting and free from distractions, commence:
  1. Close your eyes
  2. Breath slowly and deeply – in – out
  3. Listen to your breaths and slow them down, breathing deeper and longer
  4. Clear your mind to black. This is done by “looking” into your eyes while they are closed. Dismiss any thoughts that come into your mind – focus on the black void in front of you.  It is cavernous and empty.
  5. Now imagine a smallish cube in the middle of the black. It has smooth edges and a gentle shine to it.  The cube is solid, has no imperfections and it appears soft.  It starts to gently rotate in front of you, softly and smoothly.
  6. Focus on the rotating cube. See its shadows, it”s light areas and its dark areas, and how they change as it rotates.
  7. Continue to focus for about 5 to 10 minutes until your mind is eased.
It works wonders!

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