Proving the future is predictable

Einstein’s theory of relativity proposes that time and space are relative to each other and that one person’s perception of time reality is different to another persons due to their different position in space.  Further, in supposing that space-time is warped or curved, and that it impossible to say that a single atom can only exist in one space/time point at a time, Einstein’s theory proposes the following:

Everything in the future has already happened…

Hmmm, that’s food for thought. In the science world, Einstein’s theory is a cornerstone of understanding how our vast universe works.  But it opens up a whole new frontier in terms of spirituality and how our minds work.  The pure science fundamentalists (“nothing is true until its proven”) will be the first to debunk the possibility of predicting the future, or that it is possible for some to have mystical insights into other worlds.  But from a very basic standpoint, Einstein, the greatest scientist of all, has already proven that both of these are possible, if not probable.

Interpreting science into the spiritual world

Science fundamentalists often tell us that fortune telling, divination, channeling, communing with the dead etc is all bunkum. But belief in the wonders of Einstein’s theories, and further quantum physic theories,  implies that the bunkum is actually the fact.

So what do we do with it?

In predictions and prophecies, mystics and spiritualists often use aids such as cards, charts, meditation and the like to assist in the journey of foretelling a possible future. These tools are considered to be old age: before the invention of the elemental table and telescopes, even a basic crystal ball was considered a scientific tool!  The divining rod was as useful then as a thermal detector is now.  Science has certainly changed how we experiment to provide evidence of fact, but a tool is a tool no matter how you use it.

The fundamental belief system

For our own individual perspectives, unless we believe something to be true – it simply cannot be true – proven or not. Even pure science starts with a belief of truth and then sets out to see if can be disproved.  Each of us has own own set of beliefs.  We share common beliefs, beliefs or predictions based on history, beliefs or predictions set out in books such as the Bible, the Koran or the Tora etc, beliefs based on our own experience, and beliefs based on physical evidence.  Each of these beliefs is as true to you or me to the extent with which we as individuals believe.

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