Street Light Interference (SLI)

Street Light Interference

What is SLI and how does it happen?

Have you ever walked (or driven) past a street light at night and noticed that at that exact moment it goes out? You may be experiencing what is known as Street Light Interference, or “SLIDING”.

The precise reason why many seemingly sane people describe this phenomenon is unknown, but theory suggests that SLIding may be due to electro magnetic interference being radiated by some individuals such that a simple suburban street light is effectively shut down.

Clinical tests have been undertaken and occurrences have even been caught on video, but no concrete or scientific reasoning is yet to surface. In fact phenomena de-bunkers have suggested that car headlights are merely influencing the light’s photosensor (causing the streetlight to think its daytime) or simple heat cycling of the bulb. However, this does not explain why some people experience SLI repeatedly, and others not at all.

If you are a SLIder, take heart that you are not alone! Here we provide some links to various sites and discussions that may help you to connect with other like people in the hope that one day science will provide a valid explanation.

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