Chelation Therapy for heavy metal detox


Used predominantly for body detox of heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic and lead. Taken orally or intravenously, the specific chelating agents bind themselves to the toxic substance and are expelled through the waste system. 

Chelation has been used to treat autism and heart disease, and has been prescribed for patients at risk of mercury poisoning from amalgam dental fillings and the like.

Cilantro (aka Coriander) has long been held as a chelating agent and has been known to be used in detox therapies although no scientific proof has been determined.

Some proponents of chelation therapy have spoken of the benefits of feet pads. These poultice like pads are usually worn taped to the soles of your feet and work best if used at night while sleeping. The theory is that toxins in the body accumulate in the feet. The body naturally detoxifies and rejuvenates itself while sleeping. These patches are said to not only assist that process, but also help eliminate some of the man-made chemicals that are often not removed by the body’s own elimination processes. Give them a go and see for yourself!

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